Business Card Design & Printing

"Make a powerful first impression with a professionally designed and printed business card".

Make a powerful first impression with professionally designed and quality printed business cards. Our standard silk  card business cards start at 400gsm giving a good quality value card. We also offer a range of high end card types, laminations and print finishes including white ink, printed metal and foiling.


Our Twisted border design and print packages are very affordable and offer excellent quality. For more information or a quote please contact us here.


Rounded Corner Business Cards 3.png

810gsm extra thick business cards with coloured cores. We offer a range of core colours to compliment your branding

Marmalade Sandwich


Tintoretto Gesso.jpg

300gsm Hammered paper gives a luxury feel to your cards. This is the finest Italian card and the highest quality.

Tintoretto Gesso



For rustic cards with a natural feel 300gsm Brown Kraft Cards are the perfect choice. Now available with white ink. 

Brown Kraft


3D Boxes

Do your business cards need to be credit card size and shape? Consider square cards or folded business cards for extra flexibility. 

Think outside the box


Business Cards

Twisted Border offer a range of card stock types and finishes including:  

  • Our best value business cards are 400gsm Premium Silk cards. Despite the price, these are a quality product that looks and feel far superior to what the price would suggest.

  • For a robust yet sophisticated card, the Twisted Border Matt Laminated cards are an excellent choice. Available in both 400gsm and 450gsm. Matt laminated cards are built to withstand the everyday wear-and-tear while its smooth finish brings out the lighter colours in the graphic giving and allows for a softer image.

  • If classic style is important to you consider our Textured Cards. Finishes include traditional 300gsm hammered Tintoretto Gesso. 

  • 'Marmalade Sandwich' is our new 810gsm luxury business cards with colourful cores. These extra thick cards really stand apart from the crowd. We highly recommend finishing these cards with lamination. 

  • Kraft Brown Card gives a great look for rustic businesses. For an extra dimension consider white ink on 300gsm brown kraft for a stunning result. We also offer 810gsm kraft 'brown marmalade sandwich' core card for extra luxury. 

  • Elegance is in discretion. Why not take Matt Laminated one step further, by coupling it with Spot UV. Available only on our 450gsm Matt Laminated cards, Spot UV is a coating that creates a targeted glossy finish. It creates a unique tactile and visual effect, which reflects the quality of your own company.

  • Our water-resistant Gloss Laminated cards have a reflective shine that brightens your graphics and creates incredibly vibrant eye-catching colours. On a super thick 450gsm card its a strong tactile choice.

  • Some things have to be felt to be believed. The Twisted Border 450gsm Soft Touch cards astonishingly velvet finish gently caresses your fingers as you hold it in your hand. This card exudes class and sophistication, and is a must have for premium businesses.

Meet The Luxury Print Finishes


White Ink

Perfect for Brown Kraft, Black and colour cards.


Printed Meta

This cutting edge finish prints colour onto silver for a metallic result.



Foiling is available in Gold, Rose, Silver, Copper, Red, Green & Blue Foil


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"Choosing the right product for the job isn't always as straightforward as it seems. Paper sizes and weights, folds, number of pages can make judging the best product a tricky task. Our design team will happily advise you to ensure you get the right product combination for the job."