Folded Leaflets

"Cost effective medium for direct marketing and information".

Folded Leaflets

You can choose from a range of premium quality papers in silk, gloss or premium uncoated. If you want to go green, recycled options are available for both silk and uncoated paper. When only the very best will do, you really should check out our luxury paper and kraft paper range.


Our extensive collection of specialty luxury paper will let your quality really show through.

Our leaflets and flyers are available in nine different sizes as standard. We can print in a landscape or portrait format, on single-sided or double-sided. 

  • 130gsm or 170gsm Leaflets

  • Uncoated, Textured and Kraft Papers

  • Wide range of fold options

  • Single or Double Sided Print

  • Lamination Option Available

Mockup 6pp Roll Fold Leaflet
Central fold 4pp SQUARE.png

Simple single fold giving four pages. Ideal for information leaflets with strong images. A3 to A4; A4 to A5; and A5 to A6

4pp Single Fold

Central Fold

Roll fold 6pp SQUARE.png

A classic leaflet fold of six panels allows a clear display of information. A3 to 1/3 A3; A4 to DL; A5 to 1/3 A5; 630x297 to A4; 444x210 to A5

6pp Bi-Fold

Roll Fold 6

Gate fold 6pp SQUARE.png

An interesting fold that catches the eye. Perfect for graphic driven leaflets. A3 to A4; A4 to A5; A5 to A6.

6pp Bi-Fold

Gate Fold

Z fold 6pp SQUARE.png

A slant on the classic roll fold.  A3 to 1/3 A3; A4 to DL; A5 to 1/3 A5; 630x297 to A4; 444x210 to A5

6pp Bi-Fold

Z Fold 6

Double Parallel fold 8pp SQUARE.png

Similar to the Z-Fold 8 this is a classic leaflet fold. A3 to 1/4 A3; A4 to 1/4 A4; or 396x210 to DL

8pp Tri-Fold

Double Parallel

Cross fold (8pp) SQUARE.png

Also known as French Fold or Map Fold this is a great solution for a principle large graphic or image. A3 to A5; or A4 to A6

8pp Bi-Fold

Cross Fold

Roll fold 8pp SQUARE.png

Classic leaflet fold when additional space is needed. A3 to 1/4 A3; A4 to 1/4 DL; and 396x210 to DL

8pp Tri-Fold

Roll Fold 8

Half Roll Plus Fold 12pp SQUARE.png

A fantastic use maximising space. Ideal for maps and large displays. A3 to DL; A4 to 1/3 A5

12pp Tri-Fold

Half Fold + Roll

Z fold 8pp SQUARE.png

A slant on the classic roll fold 8. A3 to 1/4 A3; A4 to 1/4 DL; and 396x210 to DL

8pp Tri-Fold

Z Fold 8

Picture Book

pp means per page. For example, an 8pp booklet is an outside front cover and outside back cover, inside cover front and inside back cover; and 4 inner page.

What does pp mean?



Before deciding on which paper combination will best suit your needs consider if the booklet is likely to be kept and referred to again and if it will be written in.

Quantity, longevity and use. 



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"Choosing the right product for the job isn't always as straightforward as it seems. Paper sizes and weights, folds, number of pages can make judging the best product a tricky task. Our design team will happily advise you to ensure you get the right product combination for the job."