• Victoria Davies

Sleek & simple sites

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Less is more for your new business website.

When looking at launching your first, or even a redesigned website, its tempting to put hundreds of photographs and masses of text to fill the pages. Some people want to give there clients as much information as possible and others want to hit as many key words to maximise there ranking.

“When visiting a website, unless as a reference for research, most people will go with their 'gut instinct' on if the company is professional, and offers the services or products required. They don't visit to read a novella”.

Keep it simple. Short, bold videos are great for catching the eye. Otherwise look at designs that are simple to navigate and are clear with information displayed in an easy to digest manner.

Simple colour pallets and keeping to two or three fonts helps keep a stylish look and feel for the site. Images should relevant but simple and crisp.

All twisted border websites are designed to complement your companies style and branding with these simple rules in mind. All our website designs include a mobile site as standard. Contact us for more information on how a new website could benefit your company.

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